You just Stumbled to the Blog of Srinivas!


Who am I?

Well. I am a keen learner and have been marketing online for the last 3 years. I live with my lovable wife and daughter in Chennai, India. I am not a full time Internet Marketer, however I spend enough time to grow my business. As all, I aspire to be my own boss and live a life of comfort, at my own call. Am I just like you?

Why this site?

There are millions of people who desire to have an additional income, to take away the risk from the insecurities of economy. In my learning years, I have spent a lot of money chasing dreams of others, while achieving minimum results. This blog is to help others from losing a fortune and avoid falling into the many pit falls of online marketing.

Would I know everything?

If I said or portrayed myself to know everything, it would be the biggest lie. I am as human as you and learning continuously. If you have queries drop me a line and I shall be glad to revert with the best possible answers.

What is One Learning that I would share with You?

I hold a Master’s degree. Early in my life, I always spoke to myself and said “I will do my own business, once I achieve experience”. With the passing years, the maintenance of family and the economic uncertainties, it was always of “What will happen if I lose my income?”.

But then, there were always people around me who were less educated, less experienced, however were earning more money and had a better life.

It then blossomed – to be good in what ever you are – you need to have an Attitude. All other requirements can be met with additional learning, on the way.

If you ever thought of going online, start with the right attitude and faith in you! The time is now.