Email Frequency : How Often It Should Be?


Emailing to your customer base is a way of generating perpetual revenue. With the numerous Google changes, placing your website at the top of rankings is becoming a Herculean task. Email subscribers is your protection.

However, frequency of mails received by your customer and his / her own comfort of receiving them, is an important factor for them to remain on your list.

In this article, let us look at some aspects of Email Frequency.

Email Best Practices – How to Increase your Email Marketing ROI

An Example inviting Unsubscribe

As a marketer, I am obviously on the mail list of lot of people. I have continued to stay on the email list of many, as I have evolved, more so to have a feel of the way, people are marketing and progressing.

Below is a screen shot, from one of the marketers, I have received (the name of the marketer is hidden).

Email frequency test

You will observe the following:

a. In a single day, many mails are received.

b. All the mails are focused towards selling, there is nothing provided that adds value to my being on his list.

c. It appears that I am just considered as a cash cow, just send out mails and I will go out and buy products and services, which ever I am  referred to.

There is always this constant talk that marketers should be on top (recall of the brand – you or your company) and the one way to maintain that is mailing them often. However, when the sole aim is to sell and product or service and nothing towards the growth of your customer, the unsubscribe is hit without delay.

Unsubscribe – Customer response

Here is an interesting fact – 35.4% of consumers report frequency as the primary reason for unsubscribing from a brand’s email (up from 30.7% in 2012)? Check out the “2013 Consumer Views of Email Marketing – Report” for more information.

The following are the prominent reasons for un-subscription from a list.

unsubscribe reasons

3 tips to keep the Unsubscribe Low

  • Tell your audience how often and circumstances in which you will be mailing them – This prepares your customer in advance. When I subscribed, I was informed in few cases, there will be promotional mails, that could enrich my growth.
  • Keep your timing – If you plan to send out a newsletter, send them on the same day every week. If there would be a change then inform so.
  • Know what your customers want – If you provide the information that your customer desires, then irrelevancy is no more a point. This can be solicited through comments and surveys.

If you are emailing your customers through auto responders, then the following could provide some information.

Signs you’re emailing too frequently:
  • Increasing number of unsubscribes
  • Declining email engagement (open rate, click-through rate)
  • And the obvious: responses from your list complaining that you’re emailing too frequently.
Signs you’re sending too infrequently:
  • You’re experiencing higher than average bounce rates
    • Hard bounces aren’t being cleaned through regular sends
    • Employee turnover results in poor data accuracy
  • Engagement levels are inconsistent
    • Audience may not recall the value you’re providing

Let me know if you adopt any other techniques in your email marketing success. Please post them in the comments.

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