Best Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool 2017

What is Google Suggest aka Google Autocomplete?

If you type in a keyword in Google search, you will find a list of suggestions that is shown in the drop down. Based on the query that you enter here, Google suggests the best matching keywords corresponding to the input. These are normally referred as autocomplete suggestions.

This is based on the numerous searches people have performed. This is a way of Google / Bing / Amazon etc., search engine assisting you in your search of information.

This feature was introduced in 2007 and has quickly become and important part of Google search.

Read further to know how keyword scraping can benefit you to position yourself in the toughest of Niches.

If you looking at tools, move down the post. Keyword Researcher is an excellent tool that not only aids in fetch of Keywords, but also guides you through SEO and Content Posting.

Autocomplete Search Suggestions Algorithm

Behind the scenes, you can visualize Google storing the query used for search and simultaneously appending the number of times the query terms has been used.

How does Google Autocomplete Algorithm Work?

As you type the search term, Google Autocomplete algorithm looks into its database and provides the most often (best matching) search term. Often 3-5 suggestions are shown, but at times it could be as much as 10.

The beauty of the whole process is the speed at which Google draws information from its database. Even before you type the next letter, a whole lot of new suggestions are shown.

Why Google Suggest for Keyword Research?

If you use a Google Keyword planner tool or any keyword research tool that uses Google Keyword tool API, then at the maximum 800 keywords are fetched. If you take time to manually put a list that comes from google autocomplete and that from the keyword planner, then you will find that a lot of keywords are not shown.

One explanation put forward is that Google Keyword planner information is largely tailored towards the usage of Goolge Adwords, which is largely the bread and butter of Google earnings.

Why Invest in a Google Auto Suggest Keyword Tool?

Most of the keyword tools base the keyword results on the information provided by Google Planner.

We have also seen that a whole lot of search queries are not reported in the Google Keyword Tool.

A lot of keywords are first shown in google suggest even before they are seen in Google trends or Keyword Planner. Listed below are some of Keyword Tools using autocomplete information.

Keyword.IO tool has 2 versions – Free and PRO Version. Free version is limited to display of 750 scraped Keywords. The Pro Version of the tool costs at least $29 per month. Some of the leading names in Internet Marketing recommend the tool.

  • You can scrape Keywords from multiple sources – Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, App Store, Yandex, Wikipedia, Alibaba etc.
  • You can use a specific country to retrieve keywords (as, etc). This is applicable for the other sources too.
  • The free version provides 10 suggestions for a keyword while the pro version provides at least 2X of the free version.
  • You can also see the Search Volume, Competition Level, Suggested Bid on Adwords, etc.
  • Keywords can be sorted and filtered on any parameter.

Keyword Researcher tool has a Free and Pro version too. It is a desktop software currently available for Windows. The free version scrapes till the letters A to M, however you can check the complete functionality the tool offers. The tool cost ONE TIME and you receive life time upgrades.

See Keyword Researcher in Action. This is about 5 minutes long.

  • You can scrape keywords from 3 sources – Google, Amazon and Youtube.
  • Country specific search is supported
  • Standard questions are framed which you can use for search. You can build your own query statements as well.
  • Depending on the volume of search, you can set speed of scraping.
  • You can whitelist, blacklist keywords. This functionality is very beneficial when you are grouping keywords for content creation.
  • You have a separate pane where you can pull in the keywords and create content. A SEO checklist guides you how the keywords are used and distributed within the content.
  • One of the drawbacks is that the tool does not give search volume and bid information. You will need to export the keywords scraped into Google Keyword Planner, fetch the details and download as a CSV file. This file can be imported into the tool again. This appears cumbersome, however for the fact that it is a single payment, one can bear the extra effort.
  • The most liked part is: The website gives complete tutorial from Generating Keywords to on page SEO to publishing content online. If you are a Newbie, this alone is worth more than the price of the tool.

Click to this page and watch a complete set of Videos (marked 1 to 5 for you).

Google Autosuggest tool

One of the most known tools, Ubersuggest is Free to use and scrapes keywords from Google. For the keyword provided, keywords and listed. Each of those can be further selected to draw more information. The process needs to be executed manually.

Ubersuggest is now taken over by Neil Patel, a well know Marketing Guru. You can follow this page where he describes efficient use of the tool.

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