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Best Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool 2017

What is Google Suggest aka Google Autocomplete?

If you type in a keyword in Google search, you will find a list of suggestions that is shown in the drop down. Based on the query that you enter here, Google suggests the best matching keywords corresponding to the input. These are normally referred as autocomplete suggestions.

This is based on the numerous searches people have performed. This is a way of Google / Bing / Amazon etc., search engine assisting you in your search of information.

This feature was introduced in 2007 and has quickly become and important part of Google search.

Read further to know how keyword scraping can benefit you to position yourself in the toughest of Niches.
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The Best Blogging Platform For Your Needs


Blogging platform is the base on which you are going to express yourself. The simplicity and ease of usage will get the best results out of you. If you are like me, you would not like to do too much coding to achieve good results.

Blogging should be enjoyable and not a chore. Almost all the best blog sites have this in common. The more you spend time into placing things on the blog, your focus diminishes and the results are poor. It makes great sense to find one that will provide an ideal balance between a user-friendly interface and a flexible framework.

Finding the right blog software isn’t always easy, but with a little bit of of research and hands on implementation, you will be on your way to finding the best blogging platform.

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What Is Blogging?


Blogging began in the mid ’90s, and the term “Weblog” was coined in 1997 by John Barger. The term “blog” was coined in 1999 by Peter Merholz.

A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. For many years, blogs were just text-based websites that kept records of days, similar to a captain’s log on a sailing ship.

With the advent of free blogging software, like Blogger and WordPress, blogs became available to anyone. With internet connection becoming easily available, being on the web became very easy. Blogging is a simple way to display one’s social presence, views, ideologies and opportunities.

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